Pasupati Group | Pasupati Agrovet Pvt Ltd | Pragati Milk Products Pvt Ltd


Pasupati Group is committed to poultry, dairy, fish and agricultural farmers. In its journey of last 3 decades it has stood to the test of time and has helped farmers to get their inputs at reasonable price with quality assurance. The growth of beneficiaries in its fold is the testimony of the quality of service it has rendered all these years. Keeping space with time and market demand it has not only added new products but has diversified to new areas. Our dedicated team is ever vigilant to maintain quality and adopt new methodology for cost control. We strive to achieve perfection so that the farmers can get better yield and provide more nutritious cereals, vegetables, milk, fish and poultry.

Waste management and clean environment is the need of the hour. Our group has walked extra steps to convert all farm waste to organic manure and created green belts around its operational areas.
We welcome one and all to visit and see the change Pasupati Group has brought to lives of thousands of farmers and their families.


Pasupati Agrovet Pvt Ltd

Pragati Milk Products Pvt Ltd

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